video review : Gino Jennings and Mr Vegas debating about Christian women wearing makeup and other fashion accessories

video review : Gino Jennings and Mr Vegas debating about Christian women wearing makeup and other fashion accessories

This Kingston YMCA debate about whether or not The Bible permits women to wear makeup and other fashion accessories doesn’t really get interesting until it drops the formalities. That happens after Mr Vegas does a speech condemning Gino Jennings for referring to said women as “whores”, which he considers sexist. Jennings says he’s been misrepresented but makes it clear that, as far as he’s concerned, The Bible does, in fact, forbid women “walking around looking like Jezebel”.

The underlining premise, that “God” is real and what The Bible says is true in the first place, makes for a ridiculous argument either way, but Jennings comes across as the obvious winner. That’s partly because it’s his church they’re debating in. He’s also more charismatic. Vegas repeats himself annoyingly. The idiot reading for Jennings does the same. “Disputing daily,” he chants with a brain of mush. The debate ends with Vegas being ushered (thrown) out to a round of applause.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Bruce Wayne [ Gothom City 1987 ] ( album ) … Esham

audio review : Bruce Wayne [ Gothom City 1987 ] ( album ) ... Esham

I don’t know what the 1987 bit is about; he says that’s when he “came up”; but Gothom City is Detroit, which makes Esham Bruce Wayne. Batman is, of course, a member of The Justice League and the rapper embraces a life of crime. Perhaps the moniker has to do with the fact that they’re both millionaires with a thing for sexy women.

“We can fuck like animals, bitch, I’m not soft,” he tells one before vowing to “take the dick out the pussy and jack the fuck off… all over your body.” How’s that for romance? When he’s not chasing females, or fading “that little pussy like Telly Savalas”, he’s riding down 7 Mile Road in his Volvo 850 with a heavy stash of cash, drugs and guns.

There are almost enough good songs here to make a short album; You Betta Ask Somebody, a fun summer anthem based on Rock With You by Michael Jackson, is easily the best of the bunch; but Esham revels in excess, so he gives us another album with too many songs on it. There are some demos near the end he didn’t even bother to title.

my rating : 3 of 5


a dream I had about a girl staring at me like she wanted to fuck

It was daytime; sometime in the afternoon or more likely the evening. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of McDonald’s. I don’t know why I was there; I don’t think I’d ordered anything or planned to; but there I was, engine off, in the driver’s seat with the door open. It’s hot in Florida.

There are also plenty of hot girls in Florida, both in looks and in other ways. The girl sitting over there, several feet from me, wasn’t hot in looks. Her body may’ve been, but her face; my main criteria for hotness; was just okay. The way she stared at me though, I assumed she was hot in other ways.

She was a black girl, probably just out of her teens, and I think she worked there because at that same table, which was part of McDonald’s outside eating area, sat another girl, maybe even two, wearing actual McDonald’s uniforms, though in hindsight they looked more like Wendy’s.

Whichever fast-food place it was, she seemed to be on a lunch break or something. The other girl was, or other girls were, probably on shorter breaks. She was the only one who seemed to notice me though as she continued to stare at me, which I observed only thru occasional glances.

It wasn’t one of those “I’m thinking of something else while looking your way” gazes but a full-on “I can’t wait to suck your dick” zone-in. She couldn’t have been more blatant if she stood up and yelled it, which gave me a slight feeling of unease if only because there were other people around.

Don’t get me wrong. I wanted her to suck my dick, ride it too, probably even more than she did. I said her face was just okay, partly because of her darkish skin, but she was more pretty than ugly and seemed to have a pair of tits under that shit. When it comes to sex, I’m not too picky from there.

I awoke before anything else happened, but I’d like to think we hooked-up. Maybe I smiled and asked what she was staring at or she finally got up and walked over to me on her own. Perhaps we exchanged phone numbers and got together that night. No fancy restaurant; just straight to the bedroom.

2020 ( August 01 )

Rest Stop ( story ) … Stephen King

It seems people vomit in Stephen King stories for reasons that seem unlikely in real life. One is a “whore”, albeit a pregnant one, being beaten by her boyfriend or husband. The other is protagonist John Dykstra after attacking the man to protect the woman.

Dykstra is a novelist with an alter ego, a “literary werewolf” named Rick Hardin, whom he conjures in order to do the deed, but the point is lost on me. Rest Stop is technically well-written; Stephen King guarantees as much; but the plot doesn’t really go anywhere.

my rating : 2 of 5

Rest Stop ( story ) ... Stephen King