video : me ridiculing “transsexual” and “transgender” people who really think they’re the opposite sex


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  1. duuude. first let me say I like the way you handle discussions when talking with the “god believers” but I think, no …I strongly recommend, you use your own [logic] on yourself. is what you say in this vid simply what you decided is true and therefore [believe] it or have you backed this by [evidence]. come on now …you need to be intellectually [consistent].

    same question you ask to other people: where is the evidence for your assertion?

    please defend your position just like you expect christians to do.


  2. how would u react to a video about someone “ridiculing black people who really think they should have the same rights as white people”? not that i want to see a video like that ever made…i personally would hate it….but how would you feel about it?

  3. I really like your other videos, but this one seems like you have some biases. There is something call Hermaphrodite, where someone is born as both gender and even other animals which are asexual, so are they male or female? I think you need to educate yourself about why people of different gender consider changing. It’s not so simple as just being born one way or another. I hope you take some time to learn more about all aspects of gender.

    1. gtfoh with your sjw garbage. People have a right to voice their opinion whether you agree with them or not. Im educated on the whole transgender thing but i still find it weird. Get over yourself. people have a right to their own opinions

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