video : a Christian talking about hearing the voice of God


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  1. I find it totally insulting when Christians pretend to have a personal relationship with the christian god….I find it immoral to pretend and fabricate things to illustrate a false narrative….of course it is possible she links to her higher consciousness. But it would be a rare occasion for her. I have quite literally not only had thoughts outside my thought process…but even felt thought come in thru the top op my head. I would encourage everyone to link up with their higher self….but it’s not easy…

  2. I have conversations with God all the time. God speaks telepathically. I have only heard the audible voice of God once and He simply said my name, that is what got me into learning how to have conversations with Him. So I started writing down conversations with God on paper. I was afraid that I might be crazy or that it all might be a part of my imagination until one day I set my timer for one hour to pray. I put the timer away where I could not see it. I really didn’t hear God speak to me until the end when God started talking to me. Than He said, your timer is going to go off in 10 seconds. He counted down and my timer went of at exactly 0. This made me so excited because it is impossible that that could have been coincidence. Later I had to learn the difference between the voice of demons and the voice of God. People who are considered to be crazy simply mistake the voice of demons for the voice of God.

  3. So god makes time to help her along with her career but, not save kids with cancer?? Yeah he works in ‘mysterious’ ways no doubt. I think god needs to get his priorities straight!

  4. Actually hearing a voice in your head is a symptom of schizophrenia, girl you may need some medical intervention in your life. Or you might just better stay on your meds if you have any.

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