video : me talking about racist black people


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  1. Man. I like most of this guys video’s. Some stuff is weird and suspect that he ask. There is a huge problem with what Marcellee is saying about racist. Is it technically true that a black person can be racist, but we are not. Here’s the thing Marcellee. There is no history I know of where black people do not like and mistreat systematically other group of people that are of a different race. Now. It is true that black people have had racist thoughts and idea towards other groups of people, because of a history of being mistreat. Notice I said because. Black people have never been raised to think they are superior than white people or other, just because of their race. The example you give about black people always claiming racism, when stopped by police, is because of systematic oppression. My question to you is, tell me the time when black people said that they were being mistreated because of their race, that they were wrong? Historically please.

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    We need more young people like yourself in our society. People who deal in the realm of character instead of color. We are all part of the same species, and yet waste so much time tearing each other down. If the same amount of energy was applied to championing for unity our world would be much better off.

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