video : a girl disagreeing with me about “transgender” people


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  1. Ughhhh. so many atheists are great skeptical, critical thinkers but have such a hard time understanding things like gender vs. sex vs. sexuality. Comparing gender to species is intellectually dishonest. sex and gender are separate things.

    I do really enjoy your epistemological work, though.

  2. Gender not as a function of outward appearances but of a brain state and is identifiable and measurable. So therefore is not a matter of choice. Opinion is does not make a difference. If their hypothetical persons have duck DNA and look human they are a duck. Looks are not important.

  3. It’s like the argument “Does a tree that falls in an isolated forest make a sound?”. The definition of “sound” is the only thing you’re debating; you’re not debating what you actually think about reality. Similarly here, you’re just debating the definition of gender: gender could just be defined to be whatever you act like.

  4. Men and women are both people , ducks are not people. It’s not out of the question for a human male to be born with the brain of a human woman , in fact there is science behind it! You are your brain , your brain holds your personhood,, everything that makes you YOU is in your brain , so if your brain is female you are female , at least in the neurological sense, we’ve relabeled this sense as your GENDER ,separate from sex. A human cannot be born with a duck brain. So yes the criteria of gender IS how you FEEL ,b/c it’s to do with your brain ‘s neurological hardwiring, being a duck is determined by different criteria . You are engaged in a straw man fallacy AND a slippery slope fallacy . One thing has nothing to do with the other .

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