video : a college student debating with me about “God”


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  1. Okay let me throw my hat in the ring. Everything within creation is subjugated to a set of laws and bound to the Creator. He is the creator the provider the sustainer the maintainer of all His creation. Everything within creation had a beginning and will have an end. In the complexity of the universe and even within the human being you can see there is intelligent design. This universe didn’t come from nothing it did not create itself it had to have been created and everything that is created has a designer and a maker i e creator. We know the nature of God because he sent prophets and Messengers to guide us to the right path. Through His revealation His books He gives us guidance. Like an instruction manual. Or GPS go straight and turn right. So everything that has a designer and has instructions has a purpose. We were created with a purpose to worship God Alone. This is the universal message of all the prophets and messengers of God. And our ultimate goal is to gain his mercy and go to heaven. So obey God avoid sin and do good. Follow his guidance and receive his mercy and his gift of paradise. And don’t let me forget that God does not have contradictory Nature’s he’s not both Immortal and Mortal at the same time he is not both all knowledgeable and ignorant at the same time therefore God cannot exist and not exist at the same time God is not the author of confusion he will make himself known his nature clear not contradictory.

  2. Marcel Lee, good questions. Let me try to settle this conundrum.

    God, as we know, is a timeless, spaceless, immaterial, enormously powerful, intelligent, immutable, personal being. Since God is eternal He cannot cease to exist, neither can God do anything that contradicts His nature. God is also the Greek word “Logos” which means “Word;” it is from the Greek word “Logos” that we form the word “Logic”. Hence, God cannot do anything that is a logical contradiction to His nature.

    So, let me take your examples:

    Can God make 1+1=3? No, for the same reason God cannot make a square circle.
    Can God make a married bachelor? No, for the same reason God cannot make square circle.
    Can God make it so that He never existed? No, by His nature, God cannot cease to exist.
    Can God make a rock so big that He cannot lift it? No, for the same reason God cannot make a square circle.

    Now let’s throw morality into the mix:

    Can God command men to steal? No, because it contradicts His nature, or the same reason He cannot make a square circle.
    Can God command men to lie? No, because it contradicts His nature, or the same reason He cannot make a square circle.

    God is not a contingent being, but a necessary being. A contingent being doesn’t have to exist and therefore needs a explanation for its existence. God is a necessary being, such as numbers. Asking who created God is like asking “When did the number 7 come into existence”?

    Thank you Marcel Lee! I really appreciate you challenging Christians and other believers on their beliefs. It helps them open their minds and think critically about the things they believe. So thank you so much! God Bless!

  3. Great line of questioning Marcel… and a great use of reason and logic. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! the problem I see all the time with religious people when asked “does god exist” or”does A god exist” you just get the biggest word salad to try to support their position when the correct answer is I DONT KNOW!! this is an almost impossible thing someone who has been religiously indoctrinated to say.

  4. you are just trying to disprove what you know in your inner being,, no matter how you deny Him,, you still know he exists within you,, I hope you find him early,, God bless.

  5. When you ask religious people questions like this, you can always watch them struggle like this. You can see them desperately trying to come up with a word salad that sounds like it might answer the question.

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