video : a girl getting “uncomfortable” talking about whether or not it’s okay to offend people with the truth


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  1. Demonstrable truth,
    is what is true for me as well as for you and no mater where and who you are and what you believe.
    There is also no such thing as, “other truth”.

    “Other truth”,
    is a made up concept,
    which only exist in the “make-believe”, or in someones fantasy world.

    No one can have there own truth, separate for every other known truth.

    As it was stated in the video…

    You can “think” you’re a rabbit,
    but should anyone agree with what you believe, or think?

    Without clear evidence, or even in the face of clear observational evidence?
    Should we all just forget about this, pretending your’re a rabbit?

    This in itself,
    is ludicrous thinking and has nothing to do with reality as “we” know it.

    What comports with reality,
    is what can be shown to be true and anything else is just a fantasy.

  2. i love your social experiments Marcel. keep up the good work. Diplomacy is critically important. insulting people will not resolve the issue’s at hand. The few people i insult are those that are christian due to their willfull arrogance and ignorance. Sometimes you just have to hold the mirror to their faces. Otherwise…pursue diplomacy.

  3. You understand the psychological science of gender identity, correct? You should probably speak with the PhD psychology professors if you can since you have access to a university. Do you know the difference between sex and gender? If not, they could help you out. I think you have a deep misunderstanding about those two things and thus a misunderstanding about transgenderism. I think there is a lot of politically correct bullshit going around with transgender people but there is also a ton of misinformation about them as well and you seem to espouse that. Gender identity often refers to our psychological and social interpretation of male and female and sex often refers to our biological and reproductive interpretation of male and female. The example you gave about the rabbit doesn’t really make sense because there have been no significant cases of that and no scientific study of those types of people unlike transgender people which have had decades of study.

    Overall I agree that offending people is totally fine but there is such a thing as being rude. Offending people should have a point to it. Whereas being rude is just being rude for the sake of it or because you have low self esteem or whatever. An example of me offending people for a point would be if an obese friend of mine tried to talk about how obesity should be accepted. If he pulled some PC bullshit and went off about how everyone is sexy and all body types are healthy. That’s just untrue and that could encourage people to stick to their unhealthy way of life. I would call him out on that and he would get offended but I don’t think unhealthy lifestyles should be supported. An example of me just being rude for the sake of it is calling an obese stranger that walked by me a fat ass right to his face. That’s just being a rude asshole. I’m not helping him lose weight or encouraging him in any way. I’m just being a dick because I have low self esteem or lost my job or whatever else I could be randomly pissed about. If you realize you are going to piss people off you should have an explanation of why you are pissing them off. There should be a greater good to it. There are a lot of assholes that go around calling themselves “non-PC” and “truth tellers” when in reality they are just assholes. Calling out political correctness and being a dick are two different things.

  4. Honestly I don’t know. I believe that each person is entitled to be addressed in a way that makes him/her feel comfortable, but it does not change facts or genetics.

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