video : me talking about Christianity and atheism


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  1. I am not trying to be rude or anything by this comment, but I think you’re missing the point of being a Christian. Christians, like my self are about love and forgiveness. Now don’t get me wrong their are plenty of people who claim to be Christian and don’t follow this belief system but for the most part Christian people are just trying to make the world better by spreading Jesus’s love. What’s the harm in that? I pray one day you too will experience his love on a personal level. God bless💕

  2. First of all you obviously don’t know the bullshit bible you are talking about. Because the God of the shit isn’t Jesus! That is made very clear over and over in the Old Testament! Secondly Hell in Hebrew is simply The Grave! While the place called Gehenna in the Greek was the Valley of the son of hinnom in the Hebrew and was a place of child sacrifice in fire. Which the God called a Sin & Abomination!

    I find it funny how you only think it is Christianity or Atheism even though the God of the bible is The Jewish God! DRR DRR!

  3. Hey man, when you find the evidence that GOD doesn’t exist I will start to listen… I am 18 and for 17 years, I couldn’t prove that GOD didn’t exist. – the only evidence I had was doing the stuff you are doing (which is trying to make believers sounds stupid and crazy).
    Also science didn’t help much, because when I started talking about the big bang I realize that I was contradicting myself, because energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be transferred… But how can energy be transferred from a
    non-vibrational frequency into a + and – electron?… also that’s the main evidence non-believers use!!!

    also something to note: I have many friends that are scientist. – which most of them are working at
    the Hadron Collider. – which just means I am not giving you bullshit

    Also about the video; I do agree that some believers sin and don’t care much about it, and I think it is silly to call yourself a believer at that point. I just think that if you are going to believe, just do what you need to do under your regulation of believe.

  4. I hope you find what your looking for and the peace to accept it or reject it. You seem to want a legit provable reason to follow the God your trying to discredit.
    My advice you didnt ask for: Don’t look to people for examples of christianity. Not many christians surrender completely to the God of the bible. Actually thats true to a lot of religious groups. They take what is convenient to them and they make up their own god or follow someone else’s.

    Anyway people can prove anything. There are endless accounts of people proving their beliefs even the world is flat. Its actually very convincing.

    Maybe studying Jews would help too because they are stubborn people still maintaining their roots and traditions. Dr. Ravi Zacarias might also help.

    God does exist. Even science proves there has to be an intelligent designer to the creation of this world. God actually loves that your going through so much trouble to discredit him. He is very fond of people who seek him with their whole hearts

    If its his existance that your looking for youll find him. The same holds true to his non existence, if thats what your looking for.

    But when you find out that he is real for yourself, will you get on the raft that leads to safety and put on the life vest He provides or will you say thats not for me and continue down a path that leads to nothing and death??
    Im going to pray that you allow truth into your heart mind and spirit and peace and joy in your life regardless of what find

  5. Unfortunately I am surrounded by people of “faith” everyday. Seems like a fantasy world to me. Its like they live half in and out of this world. How do people end up like that? I’ll tell you.. its little by little until you are friggin out of it!

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