video : a rainy window tranny insanity rant


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  1. this is the first thumbs down to one of your videos. actually you need to embrace a much larger perspective. if you are to understand then you must realize it is not black and white and its done. it’s more complicated. one has to consider soul development.

  2. Dear Mr. Lee, It seems that you have a very strong belief that human sexuality is binary, male female and that is it. Your genome dictates your sexual organs and that in turns dictates human sexuality. Do you have evidence or scientific study that shows this, or explains the variation of sexual expression in humans? For that matter many other species on earth as well.

    I am not an expert in genetics, but the little I know is that genetics is not black and white. You could have a gene that is a dictator such as blue eyes or brown hair genes. On the other hand you could have other genes that are influenced by diet, hormones or the environment. Epigenetics is a fascinating field of study that shows how cells differentiate based on various external factors.

    All I am saying is that, you are holding a belief, that transgender(ism) is not a thing. What would it take to falsify your position? What would it take to convince you otherwise? is your current position justified?

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