video : a theist trying to avoid admitting he doesn’t know if a God exists


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  1. @Marcel Lee you better stop letting Satan get the best of you with your skeptics and seek God before it’s too late! Why don’t you challenge a real child of God like myself?

  2. At 00:29, he starts to say there are two positions of “yes” or “no”. Marcel Lee interjects that there is a third position of “I don’t know”. This guys then equates “I don’t know” with refusing to give an answer. I don’t understand how he gets to “refusing to answer” from a position of not knowing/understanding something. As a male, if someone asked me “what is it like to give birth?” I will say “I don’t know”. Would this guy say that I am refusing to give an answer?

  3. Just like all religious people on this question, he’s very dishonest, not only with others but with themselves. It’s possible that flying pixies flew out of your ass and created deez nuts.

  4. It’s a story in an old book, bedtime tales & yarns written for the niave, gullible superstitious folk who lived long ago on a flat earth, they were actually forced to believe it, made to have unquestioning faith. People were stoned to death if they questioned or said they didn’t believe. It was a ‘WAY OUT THERE’ yarn. One ridiculous tale goes that when he died he turned full ZOMBIE 3 days after & floated up & out of grave, Catholics have been eating & VAMPIRE drinking his body parts & fluids from his 2000 year old cadaver in cannibalistic rituals in church. The yarn about His Daddy was also weird, he was completely invisible & sits upon a cloud. Pictures in the old storybooks show him shouting n yelling through a hole in the cloud. he impregnated a teenage girl (Mary) without her consent. No morals, dirty rapist. I’ve heard reports that some people actually believe the yarn even now in 2017. But that’s probably a joke, if someone in this present day believed that stuff, well, that would be totally hilarious.

  5. This was a frustrating conversation. At the beginning of it, the guy said yes to the question does a god exist. From there, you should have got him to provide evidence for that claim. Well, to his credit, he did say that God is the universe, but that brings about even more problems. Instead of getting him to admit that he doesn’t know, you should have tried to get him to justify his belief in a god. I enjoyed watching it but that’s just my opinion on it.

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