audio review : Gypsy ( song ) … Lady Gaga

The final fifty seconds are awesome and exhilarating. If the whole song sounded that great, it would be a classic. It doesn’t. That bridge plays twice before, but the melody doesn’t change for the better until the end. The way she vocalizes the second “life”, it should sound that way every time. The final bridge is also the only one accompanied by a cutesy counter vocal. “If you go with me,” she sings, breaking the word “me” into two syllables because it sounds better that way, “See the world with me.”

It’s the final chorus though, the second of only two, that steals the show. “I’m a gypsy,” she insists, except that the words “I’m” and “gypsy” are repeated, before going on to identify with various nations from Russia to Norway. There doesn’t really seem to be any structural order or reason for her chanty declaration, but it’s fun nonetheless. Listen for the little random bass riff at 3:53. The first chorus section, and most of the rest of the song; a Meat-Loaf-styled power ballad; is tame in comparison.

my rating = 3 of 5


audio review : Artpop ( album ) … Lady Gaga

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