audio review : We Come Strapped ( album ) … MC Eiht

audio review : We Come Strapped ( album ) ... MC Eiht

MC Eiht and his CMW boys come strapped with guns because they’re murderous criminals, but you don’t have to be the local police to figure that out. You need only listen to the album’s introduction; Niggaz That Kill. First victim? Local rival DJ Quik, who finds himself the target of a third Def Wish diss.

The crew isn’t too thuggish for pretty orchestral synths though, which is where the beats come into play. This is ghetto gangsta music, produced mostly by DJ Slip, with a touch of classical elegance. That gives the set a laid-back jazz kind of feel, even as you play it to drive-by shoot people to.

my rating = 4 of 5


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